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SeaWorlds Manta Flying Roller Coaster

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May 10, 2012

Location:Orlando, Florida, USA
Theme Park:SeaWorld
Year Built:2009
Coaster Type:Steel
Coaster Speed:56mph
Direction:Forward Flying
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Manta’s station was integrated with a really cool manta exhibit. The exhibit is accessible to guests without having to enter the ride’s queue, just look for the Aquarium signs. As you reach the station, you can’t help but notice the tricked out trains complete with a theme of the blue Manta-ray. Once the rider has strolled through the subsurface queue, riders hop into place, four people across. As they pull the harness down over their head and shoulders, clamps collect the dangling feet. After everyone is secured in the comfortable harnesses, the seats fold upward until the riders are facing the floor below in a superman-like position. Don’t get shocked when you here loud sound effects when this occurs, because SeaWorld did a nice job in spicing up this transition to make it more exciting for the rider.

There is much excitement in the air as both the riders aboard the train and those waiting to ride cheer as the train begins its ascent of 140 feet. With the views of tropical trees, onlookers from the ground, and Aquatica far below and off in the distant, the train begins its swooping 113-foot drop to headfirst into the 98-foot tall pretzel loop. Rider’s your skin will feel like it is peeling back from the intense G-Forces of the pretzel loop. Then your moving and twisting, sometimes seeing ground, then sky, then trees, then rail. After that there’s knotting and threading and general chaos and screaming, and this is just the first half the ride.

The second half of the ride is all about the “near misses” with water and other structures. The splash across the front of the park is even better on board, and the close encounter with the waterfall is disturbing even though from dry land, you can see how much distance is between the water and feet. Even the turn toward home is rattling as the scenery changes rapidly from sky to trees to waterfront to wall to blue metal landing zone. This powerful ray leads brave adventurers on an excursion filled with the excitment and power of riding the high seas, all on one of the smoothest tracks in the world

Non-riders are in for their own kind of thrill in the Manta Aquarium, with 10 stunning underwater habitats, more than 100 rays and thousands of colorful fish, all in the cool caverns of an enchanting underwater world.



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