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Expedition Everest

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May 21, 2012

Location:Orlando, Florida, USA
Theme Park:Disney's Animal Kingdom
Year Built:2006
Coaster Type:Steel
Coaster Speed:50mph
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Just as Disney does so well, the guest will be transported to a remote mythical village called Serka Zong at the base of Mt. Everest. The guest can get a fast pass or even go into the single rider line, but don’t deny yourself the fascinating sights you will see in the queue. Your first stop in the queue is the travel agency where you go to the trading post for supplies and see a museum, and you also learn about the animal the inhabit the Himalayas. You then walk out to a canopy of prayer flags, an ornamental monastery, intricately carved totems, and a garden of stone carvings of the yeti clutching the mountain immerse guests in a far-off realm. The yeti’s role as protector of the sacred mountain is reinforced in this detailed environment that is rich in culture and tradition. Despite forewarnings, the proprietors of Himalayan Escapes Tour Company entice explorers to embark on a rugged train journey to the mystical Everest. First stop is Norbu and Bob’s booking office to obtain permits, and then it’s off to Tashi’s General Store and Bar for needed supplies for the journey.

As you reach the loading station you will be placed in your train where each row holds 2 people on a very roomy seat. Once you’re harnessed in you begin your adventure as the train climbs a small lift which goes into a minor drop, then the train circles around to a larger lift, carrying the riders towards the mountain peaks. On the way up they pass through a ransacked temple with murals of the yeti, warning the riders that the mountain is his territory. At the 112 ft peak, you have an amazing view of the surrounding Disney properties. As you go through a cave the rider quickly finds out the tracks have been broken and tangled by the Yeti. The train reverses and you’re your adventure that is truly exciting and thrilling. Between the speed, not being able to see and the unexpected turns, you never know which way you’re heading. Suddenly you come to a stop. You realize that the Yeti is behind you destroying more of the tracks. The train hurls forward towards an 80 ft drop. It’s not over yet and you’re plunged back into darkness with more twists and turns. This three minute ride will leave you breathless and wanting to go back for more.

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