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Jul 31, 2012

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Bush Garden-Tampa Florida
Year Built:1996
Coaster Type:Steel
Coaster Speed:60mph
Direction:Forward Flying
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Montu can be found in the immaculate Egyptian-themed area of Bush Gardens Tampa. It’s one of the world’s best-inverted roller coasters. Montu takes the roller coaster enthusiasts careening on a wild journey in a train that hangs below the track. Once inside the themed station, guests will board the inverted 4 people per row trains. As the ride begins coaster enthusiasts will begin their 150′ climb, and then plunge into its 150-foot swooping first drop followed with a vertical loop. Coaster enthusiast will love the experience of the incredible G-forces of Montu’s inversions and other elements. The ride comes to a halt as the train hits the brakes at the station and riders are met with the Egyptian god with the head of a hawk.

Height Restrictions: 4 feet 6 inches

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