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Aug 1, 2012

Location:Tampa, Florida, USA
Theme Park:Bush Garden-Tampa Florida
Year Built:1993
Coaster Type:Steel
Coaster Speed:60mph
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Tucked away back beyond the tiger pits, deep in the African Congo of Bush Garden’s Tampa guest can hear the roar of a lion in the distance. In the African Congo language natives call this “ROAR” Kumba. As riders enter into the line of Kumba they will feel the breath of the Lions ROAR on the back of their necks, so if your ready to tackle the fierceness of the Lions ROAR Kumba is just the ride you have been waiting for. Riders will board the 32-seat trains, where each trains has 8 rows and seat 4 across. Just as riders board the train’s and are securely fastened, riders begin an immediate ascension up the 143 feet climb, where at the top they will drop 135 feet at 60 mph, and go right into the 114 foot loop, a dive loop, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll, and interlocking corkscrews are all part of the seven inversions in total riders will experience. Kumba’s perfect pacing, beautiful tropical atmosphere, inventive layout that interacts with the track and surroundings make this one of the best roller coasters in Bush Garden’s Tampa.

Height Restrictions 4 feet 6 inches

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