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Aug 1, 2012

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Theme Park:Bush Garden-Tampa Florida
Year Built:2005
Coaster Type:Steel
Coaster Speed:70 mph
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Even though you can see this monstrous beast anywhere in the park it is actually located in the Stanleyville section of Busch Gardens Africa. Sheikra gets its name from an African Hawk that dives down for its prey. Looking up at this ride can send shivers down the backs of any would-be riders, and then seeing the trains themselves that are both unique and shiver inducing, can scare off even the most enthused coaster person. Sheikra is a coaster that has no floors or sides or backs. The cars are essentially seats bolted to a chassis. The open design leaves riders especially vulnerable for the ensuing dives. Like with all other floor less coasters, once passengers are secured and the ride is cleared for takeoff, the loading platform drops away, and a gate in front of the car swings open with a dramatic flourish. SheiKra is off for its 200 foot climb, once at the top riders will have excellent views of Tampa and beyond as they round the 180-degree bend. There is a slight jerk as the car momentarily stops, followed by a false start as it crests the top and hangs dangerously over the edge for an agonizing few seconds. Then, riders are off plummet down 145 feet at a 90-degree drop as they reach a bone-rattling speed of 70 mph which feels all the more bracing with the open, floor less car. Don’t be fooled, because later in the ride you will have another 90-degree plummet of 138 feet. There’s really no wiggle room for the faint at heart to gather up the courage and take on  SheiKra. It’s an unapologetic thrill ride that coaster enthusiasts will adore and coaster wimps will avoid especially coaster wimps who freak out over extreme heights.

Height Restrictions 4 feet 6 inches

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