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Silver Dollar City opening Record Breaking Wooden Roller Coaster spring 2013

Location:Branson, MO, United States
Theme Park:Silver Dollar City
Year Built:opeing 2013
Coaster Type:Wooden
Coaster Speed:68 mph
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Silver Dollar City in Branson MO, will be debuting its first of its kind Thrilling Wooden Roller Coaster “Outlaw Run”. Although the ride doesn’t open until Spring of 2013, this won’t be your typical wooden roller coaster, because this coaster has a World’s steepest drop on a wood coaster of more than 16 stories, 162-foot drop at 81 degrees, nearly vertical. Thrills don’t stop there, because this coaster also features the World’s only wood coaster to twist upside-down, and have a record-breaking three inversions, that will include a 720-degree double barrel roll. The thrills don’t stop there, as this wood coaster is second fastest wood coaster in the world with top speed of 68 mph. Oh, and let’s not forget that will all that speed there will be airtime. Yep this coaster will give roller coaster enthusiasts 9 different times of air times on this Wild West run, Yee-Haw.

Silver Dollar City, has been highly awarded for theme development of attraction designs that have compelling storylines that are brought to life by keeping real history in mind. In the creative concept, Outlaw Run goes beyond the outskirts of the safe haven of the 1880s Silver Dollar City to a storied place where civility is waning and outlaws may lurk. Passengers, setting out with brave new dreams of vast America, board the Western Missouri Stagecoach Company. These Custom-designed “stagecoach” trains, fashioned after the iconic Concord stagecoaches of the time period, holds 24 passengers 2 people in each row.

For more than half a century Silver Dollar City has drawn people from all across America with their 1880’s pioneering town, wide paths that have been carved into the wooded mountain. With 30 rides and attractions, award winning festivals, and authentic crafts this theme park was ready to take the tame wooden roller coaster up a notch. Only Silver City took up more that a notch with this heart pounding, record-breaking coaster, Outlaw Run. This is one Thrill coaster you won’t want to miss this summer.

Height Restirction: 48 inches

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