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About Coaster Phreaks

Accelerating, twisting, turning … that’s what it’s all about! We love going fast and we want to hear from everyone out there who feels the same. If the only reason your hair isn’t on fire is because of all the wind blowing it back, then join our little community of coaster phreaks!

This site is ours! It belongs to anyone who loves roller coasters and thrill rides. The brains behind the phreaks is an ex-naval aviator who never got enough G’s in the Navy, ┬áso he went out and started racking ’em up at amusement parks (and bungie jumping, and motorcycle riding, and hang gliding, and … you get the picture). We designed the site so you can vote on your favorite coaster. If it’s not here, then you can submit it and tell the world about your favorite ride. All we ask is that you keep it clean and send along a picture that expresses what’s great about that coaster.

If you have a great POV video, either send it along or include the link in your submission. We’ll be posting video links to our favorite rides, but we also want to see yours. We do check all submissions and links to make sure none of our community gets spammed. That’s why you have to sign in to post a comment or submit a coaster review. Vote all you want, though. Just keep it honest and don’t dis on a good ride to spite your buddy!

Keep an eye out for new stuff as the site grows and keep on livin’ “the twisted life”!


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