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Silver Dollar City opening Record Breaking Wooden Roller Coaster spring 2013

Silver Dollar City in Branson MO, will be debuting its first of its kind Thrilling Wooden Roller Coaster “Outlaw Run”. Although the ride doesn’t open until Spring of 2013, this won’t be your typical wooden roller coaster, because this coaster has a World’s steepest drop on a wood coaster of more than 16 stories, 162-foot drop at 81 degrees, nearly...

Six Flags Newest Thrill Ride Full Throttle: The World’s Tallest and Fastest Looping Coaster

Jan 11, 2013

What is Six Flags doing that other theme parks aren’t doing this year…. Setting world records. Yes you heard right. In 2013 Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California will be opening Full Throttle it’s all new Thrill Roller Coaster that will breaking another world-record. Full Throttle will be the tallest, fastest looping roller coaster in the world!...

Cedar Point announces All-New Thrill Coaster

Jan 10, 2013

Hey all you thrill seekers, watch put as, Cedar Point has officially announced that they are planning a new winged coaster called Gatekeeper to open in May of 2013 designed by Bolliger & Mabillard. The new roller coaster Gatekeeper will be located in the front of the park, and will make permanent changes to not only the landscape, but also the front gate of...

Big Thunder Mountain Walt Disney World

Aug 12, 2012

Nestled in the back of Frontiertown in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park you can see the 197-foot mountain landscape that is based on the windswept scenery of Arizona’s Monument Valley. As guest enter the ride they are taken back in time with the antique mining equipment, and the smell of sulfur as you pass the phosphorescent pools and see the red...


Aug 1, 2012

Before you right off the classic wooden roller coaster remember that one of the rare things about roller coasters these days is finding the beauty and elegance of the classic wooden roller coaster. This Wooden Roller Coaster at Bush Gardens Tampa Florida is named after a mythical creature called Gwazi, and is one of the world’s largest wooden coasters. This...


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