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Cheetah Hunt

Aug 1, 2012

When you enter the queue and flow through numerous switchbacks you will pass by lighting theme lead by the impressive Cheetah Rock, this is a very large statue of a Cheetah. Before boarding you have the choice of going to one of two trains as they have a great dual loading system for this ride. Each train holds 16 passengers 2 across. The trains will blast out...


Aug 1, 2012

Even though you can see this monstrous beast anywhere in the park it is actually located in the Stanleyville section of Busch Gardens Africa. Sheikra gets its name from an African Hawk that dives down for its prey. Looking up at this ride can send shivers down the backs of any would-be riders, and then seeing the trains themselves that are both unique and shiver...

SeaWorlds Manta Flying Roller Coaster

May 10, 2012

Manta’s station was integrated with a really cool manta exhibit. The exhibit is accessible to guests without having to enter the ride’s queue, just look for the Aquarium signs. As you reach the station, you can’t help but notice the tricked out trains complete with a theme of the blue Manta-ray. Once the rider has strolled through the subsurface queue,...

Universal Studios Rip Ride Rockit

May 2, 2012

Universal Studios has creates a radically innovative roller coaster with Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. This coaster combines highly sophisticated audio of hit music crossing 5 genres of music: rap/hip hop, country, classic rock/metal, pop/disco and club with breathtaking first time ever maneuvers. Riders will have 45 seconds to pick their own soundtrack to listen...

Disney’s Rock and Roller Coaster

Mar 24, 2012

The rider enters the ride area through the arches that lead you to the Rock and Roller Coaster, you know immediately that you’re in for a wild ride, because the rider immediately see an upside-down Cadillac looking limousine above them. You will wind through a shaded outdoor queue, before you enter the lobby of record label G-Force records where the rider...


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