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Big Thunder Mountain Walt Disney World

Aug 12, 2012

Nestled in the back of Frontiertown in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park you can see the 197-foot mountain landscape that is based on the windswept scenery of Arizona’s Monument Valley. As guest enter the ride they are taken back in time with the antique mining equipment, and the smell of sulfur as you pass the phosphorescent pools and see the red...


Aug 1, 2012

Before you right off the classic wooden roller coaster remember that one of the rare things about roller coasters these days is finding the beauty and elegance of the classic wooden roller coaster. This Wooden Roller Coaster at Bush Gardens Tampa Florida is named after a mythical creature called Gwazi, and is one of the world’s largest wooden coasters. This...

Cheetah Hunt

Aug 1, 2012

When you enter the queue and flow through numerous switchbacks you will pass by lighting theme lead by the impressive Cheetah Rock, this is a very large statue of a Cheetah. Before boarding you have the choice of going to one of two trains as they have a great dual loading system for this ride. Each train holds 16 passengers 2 across. The trains will blast out...


Aug 1, 2012

Even though you can see this monstrous beast anywhere in the park it is actually located in the Stanleyville section of Busch Gardens Africa. Sheikra gets its name from an African Hawk that dives down for its prey. Looking up at this ride can send shivers down the backs of any would-be riders, and then seeing the trains themselves that are both unique and shiver...


Aug 1, 2012

Tucked away back beyond the tiger pits, deep in the African Congo of Bush Garden’s Tampa guest can hear the roar of a lion in the distance. In the African Congo language natives call this “ROAR” Kumba. As riders enter into the line of Kumba they will feel the breath of the Lions ROAR on the back of their necks, so if your ready to tackle the fierceness of...


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