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Revenge of the Mummy

Jun 4, 2012

The journey begins as riders enter the newest set for the next “Mummy” movie sequel through the Museum of Antiquities. Riders begin walking through the backstage area with all of the cameras, movie lights, storyboards, and costume cribs. Video monitors show a “mockumentary” hosted by Reggie a low-level but very enthusiastic movie crew member,...

Dragon Challenge

May 28, 2012

As you enter the ride through the stone archway and walk up the stone path that is filled with flags from Triwizard Tournament banners that winds along the edge of the Forbidden Forest, you pass by Hagrid’s magnificent home, and the Weasleys’ flying car plunked amid the trees near the entrance to the Triwizard tent. The interior takes you trough the...

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

May 11, 2012

Professor Dumbledore has opened Hogwarts Castle to Muggles for the first time, and you’re invited. Enter through the towering castle gates and make your way down the familiar passageways and corridors that Harry, Ron, and Hermione encountered as they sought clues of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You’ll see dungeons, greenhouse and...

Universal Studios Rip Ride Rockit

May 2, 2012

Universal Studios has creates a radically innovative roller coaster with Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. This coaster combines highly sophisticated audio of hit music crossing 5 genres of music: rap/hip hop, country, classic rock/metal, pop/disco and club with breathtaking first time ever maneuvers. Riders will have 45 seconds to pick their own soundtrack to listen...

Universal Studios Orlando Incredible Hulk

Apr 1, 2012

Get ready, because as you enter the ride you will be transported to the laboratories of Dr. Bruce Banner with all his scientific machinery. Watch out as you approach Dr. Banner’s gamma-ray accelerator, because you realize that something has gone terribly wrong when you hear the warning lights flash and sirens sound. Unlike the magnetic induction systems...


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